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shakinglove's Journal

ivan bravinski / raivis galante fan community
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Welcome to Shaking Love, the livejournal community dedicated to the pairing/ship of Russia and Latvia, also know as Ivan and Raivis, from Axis Powers Hetalia! Please remember to look at the community rules and the FAQ before posting! We hope you enjoy your stay and, remember - everyone will become one with Russia~


I. Please remember to make use of the tagging system! It makes things easier and helps you to find things if you lose them!

II. Large images, icons, fanfiction and fanart must be under a lj-cut. Icons may have three teasers in the post and fanart may have a preview to show off the post. Feel free to make use of a fake-cut as well!

III. Be respectful of other members. We don't like being flamed, and I'm sure you'd hate it, so keep it to yourself, please. If you have a personal issue with another member, don't bring it into the community, please. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!

IV. Links to fanart sites, fiction and other things are perfectly acceptable, but please don't plagerise or claim other people's work as your own. Furthermore, if you use something in a post and can credit it, please do!

V. Please keep any mature (sex, violence, extreme language) fanworks locked the the community. This can also be said for doujinshi and other works; respect to the original creater is vital!

VI. Please don't spam. If you would like to advertise a shipping/hetalia-related community, feel free to do so, but include some kind of work related to this community in your post, if possible. Furthermore, don't post anything not relation to this ship - your post will be deleted.

VII. The most important rule; have fun!